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I love Ottawa. I have spent a lot of time here as a visitor over the years in my sports media career and it was always one of my favorite places. Since moving here last September, I have come to know and love it even more as a resident.

I also love the Ottawa Senators organization and especially its late owner, Eugene Melnyk. For more than 20 years I have worked in various capacities for the organization, starting with Eugene’s Ontario Hockey League teams in Toronto and Mississauga, to his American Hockey League team in Belleville (as its first full-time employee), and to the present, as Director, Marketing of the NHL team. I have enjoyed a great career with many different stops along the way and being a part of Senators Sports and Entertainment in various capacities - while still being allowed the freedom to continue my other sports media career and business ventures - is something I will always be grateful for.

The job of Director, Marketing of the Ottawa Senators (working under the direction of the Vice President of Marketing), is an important one. It is also one that requires complete 100 percent attention to that task and nothing else, as I have seen firsthand since coming here. It is for that reason that I have resigned from the position today.

What I have not resigned from is being a total fan of the Senators organization and one of its biggest supporters. I have also not resigned from my love of the city of Ottawa and all of the passionate hockey fans in this area. Sens fans, none of us can really know the future, but here’s my prediction – Eugene’s long-standing dream of a Stanley Cup coming to Ottawa is going to come true. This team and this fan base deserve it and you are going to get one!

I will be around Ottawa for the next few weeks and will have the opportunity to thank many of you in person. I will still be continuing in my other current sports media roles and business ventures - and really looking forward to the arrival of our first grandchild in July, so being able to be back home for that is a real blessing as well. Life is good!

I have been blessed beyond belief to have enjoyed a terrific career and look forward to many more years in it, including with Sportsnet 590 The Fan, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Intercounty Baseball League. However, my time with Senators Sports and Entertainment has been a tremendous joy at every stop along the way and I will always be so grateful for it.

So – THANK YOU! Thank you to Eugene and his amazing family. Thank you to all of the great people I have worked with in Toronto, Mississauga, Belleville and Ottawa over the years. And thank you to the great hockey fans of Ottawa and area – I appreciate you.

Stay safe and look after one another.

               Go Sens Go!!!





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