One of the great advantages of modern life is the ability to get directions to where we want to go in mere seconds.

            There have been many fabulous inventions in the past few decades that have made our lives easier and better, and the GPS (Global Positioning System) certainly ranks among the top of those inventions.

            Those of us of a certain vintage can really appreciate the GPS that is now in our car or on our phone. Remember driving around with an open paper map in your lap, trying to spot where you were and where you were going? Oh and not to mention the fact that you had to navigate the roads without any advance notice of traffic and road closures along the way. How primitive!

            GPS devices are one of the modern miracles we have to help us navigate the roads in our cars. I have one of the original ones when they first came out in the market.

            I turned it on the other day and guess what? It is totally useless now. Know why? It hasn’t been updated in years.

“Ask yourself ‘Where do these beliefs about who I am come from, and how old are they?’ Maybe it’s time to update your identity.” – Tony Robbins

            Of course anybody who has a GPS knows this, especially if you have one that doesn’t automatically update the most current maps into your device. A GPS that is operating on old maps and information is missing vital new information on new roads, bridges, new off-ramps to the highway, etc. etc. Unless you update it, it’s not very useful anymore, just like my old model.

            Our GPS devices are like us. We need to update our information, download some new thoughts and revamp our beliefs where needed, if we are going to continue being useful in our jobs and in our lives.

            Muhammad Ali said that the man who sees the world the same at 30 as he does at 60 has wasted the last 30 years of his life. What he meant by that was that anybody who thinks and feels the same way about the world and himself as he did three decades ago hasn’t learned anything new, or hasn’t changed or examined his thoughts and beliefs.

            In other words, he hasn’t updated his operating system.

            “If you don’t change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?” – Douglas Noel Adams

            Many of us are operating on outdated information systems, in the same kind of way old GPS devices are running with outdated maps. They haven’t examined their beliefs, their thoughts and how the world has changed around them in a very long time. They may be missing important information that they need to make proper decisions on how they want to operate in the current environment we live in.

            MADD (Mothers Againast Drunk Driving) was founded in 1980 as a response to the ever increasing problem of drunk driving. It had become an epidemic at that time, and the organization worked at changing people’s attitudes to anyone getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.

            People who have been around a long while will remember that for many people in that era, drunk driving wasn’t that big a deal. It may be hard to believe now, but that was (in some horrible cases), the truth.

            “He’s OK, he’ll be fine, he’s only had a couple and he lives close by” was a refrain you might hear when somebody took the wheel after drinking. Bars didn’t worry about over-serving anybody back then. Attitudes were very different.

            Although drunk driving is still a huge problem in society, organizations like MADD have helped “change the conversation” in regards to it. Penalties are now far more severe, bars and party hosts are now held accountable for people who they let drink and drive, and nobody celebrates the fact that somebody managed to drive home drunk anymore.

            People used to smoke in elevators. Racial jokes were told in every office work place 40 years ago. Many people tossed litter bags out of the car windows while travelling (I know younger people can’t believe those things but trust me, they are true).

            What happened? We received new information on just how bad second hand smoking was. We examined our beliefs about how hateful any racial slur is. We came to understand better how our actions were destroying the environment and FINALLY took some steps (but not enough yet granted) to address it.

            We downloaded new maps to our GPS for living, so to speak.

            “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

            Think of your brain as a GPS device. What is your operating system like these days? How you downloaded some new information that could effect how you should act and behave as opposed to what you knew 30 years ago? Have you examined your beliefs that drive the way you treat other people? Do you stay current with new data that is available that will help you judge the proper way you should live?

            You may be stuck with an out-dated operating system that is stopping you from living your best life. As Tony Robbins said, maybe it’s time for you to update your identity.

            The world is constantly changing. So are you – but only if you are open to examining your belief system and adjusting the way you are operating.

            You may never change some of your core beliefs, and it may be that you shouldn’t. Not every street name is changed on a map. But unless you take the time to “download” new data and examine your beliefs, you may find yourself not operating the way you need to be right now.

            Examine your beliefs. Adapt where you need to. Maybe you’ll discover it’s time for you to update your identity for the better.

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It may be time for you to update your operating system - and not just your GPS!

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