Everybody checks the weather forecast. We all want to know what the weather is going to be.

            We’re planning a trip, so we need to know the forecast. We have outdoor plans, so we want to know the chance of rain. We have to drive a long way, so before we set out we want to know the weather conditions.

          Weather forecasting is pretty important therefore. But how accurate is the weather forecast? When it comes to temperature, pretty accurate actually. But when it comes to perceptiation, not nearly so.

            There is a simple reason that the weather forecast so often misses (especially the longer away it is; the daily forecast and the long-range accuracy forecast accuracy are wildly different). That reason is this – it is based on what conditions look like today.

            “We’re tracking this storm and will keep you updated” the forecasters tell us. “Current trends show we could be in for a storm in the next 48-72 hours.”

            But even with all the technology they have, often the forecast is “wrong” and the storm doesn’t come. Why is that?

            Because conditions have changed. The weather patterns of Monday are often not the same as the ones on Wednesday. So the weather forecaster wasn’t wrong to say on Monday a storm was coming Wednesday, because on Monday the conditions were in place for a storm but those trends changed. All weather forecasts are based on current patterns and current conditions. A lot can change in a few days with the weather though.

            The same thing can be true for you if you feel you are trending in the wrong direction. A lot can change in your personal forecast too, and sometimes quickly. Perhaps you think a storm is brewing for you.

            You are quite possibly right. As you sit here today, you may be thinking you are in for a financial crisis in the next few months. You may feel stuck at your job and thinking you’ll have to quit soon. Your health might be poor and you are on track for some serious issues.

            You may be right. That could be an accurate forecast today. But here’s the key to when you think like this – even if your forecast is right, it is based on current trends…current tracking…current conditions.

            We can’t do anything about the weather conditions. We’re stuck with the weather (just remember there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing choices!). But we can change the conditions that are causing us to have our own gloomy life forecast.

            In a financial pinch because you over spent? Then your forecast might show financial storm clouds on the way soon. Health getting bad because of bad lifestyle habits? Then your forecast might be a trip to the hospital soon. Doing a lousy job at work because you think you’re stuck there? Then your forecast might be unemployment coming around the corner.

            You may be trending that way. Current conditions might indicate that. If patterns remain the same, that could be the 7-day forecast for you. Or 14-day, or long-range forecast.

            But it doesn’t have to be. Many of our clients think their personal forecast is out of their control, just like the weather forecast is. It’s not.

  “Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful.” – Buddha

            Deal with your financial issues head on. Draw up a personal budget. Get some help if you need it. Come to grips with it and work hard at managing your money better.

            Get off the couch and get moving. Start an exercise program and begin eating better. Look after yourself, and that includes your mental health as well. Don’t just sit there and let bad health and bad thoughts take over you.

            If you can’t tolerate your job, find another one. If that’s not feasible, then make the best of the one you have. Either leave it or do it better but either way, don’t bitch about it. Focus on solutions to your problems, not on the problems themselves.

            Maybe your personal forecast is trending towards some stormy times. Make it looks a little bleak. But that is based on current patterns that you can change with the right attitude. The best way to create a better future is with a better present.

            “It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” – Bob Proctor.

           An old adage is: “If you don’t like the weather right now stick around. It’ll change.” That’s very true. Weather patterns and circumstances change all the time, nothing we can do about that other than wait for the changes.

             But with our own personal forecast? It’s based on our current behavior patterns, and those we can change and control.

             Don’t like your forecast? Get busy changing the conditions. If you do the long range one will look a lot better.

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You can't change the weather forecast, but you can change your own forecast

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