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Roger Lajoie appears on Sportsnet 590 The Fan on a regular basis on Sportsnet Tonight, as well as on weekends, and also fills in on other shows. Check this page for Roger's latest airtimes.

You can also listen to Sportsnet 590 The Fan at the station's official website,

Canadian music icon Gordon Lightfoot visited Norm Rumack and Roger on The Fan 590

"The Rog" On Air Schedule 

Sunday, June 29 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 5pm - 7pm

Tuesday, July 1 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 9:30pm - 1am

Wednesday, July 2 - Hosting ACES 7pm - 8pm

Saturday, July 5 - Hosting Sportsnet Today 2pm - 6pm

Sunday, July 6 - Hosting Sportsnet Today 10am - 3pm

Monday, July 7 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 7pm - 9:30pm

Tuesday, July 8 - Hosting ACES 7pm - 8pm & Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 8pm - 9:30pm

Saturday, July 12 - Hosting Sportsnet Today 10am - 3pm

Sunday, July 13 - Hosting Sportsnet Today 10am - 1pm 

Sunday, July 20 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight - 5pm to 7pm

Monday, July 21 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight - 11pm - 2am

Tuesday, July 22 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 11pm - 2am

Wednesday, July 23 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 11pm - 2am

Thursday, July 24 - Hosting Aces 7pm - 8pm & Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 8pm - 11pm

Saturday, July 26 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 9pm - 1am

Sunday, July 27 - Hosting Sportsnet Tonight 5pm - 7pm

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